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How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps

An online presence is vital to be noticed online, particularly nowadays. According to the website is visited by nearly three-quarters of people across the United States look online for businesses in their area every day. It’s easy to understand why websites are crucial to attract new customers.

Websites are beneficial in many ways such as showcasing your product and generating leads. Your website does not have to be expensive and incorporate the most current features. If you’re a small-scale business who is looking to tell customers the name of your business and exactly what it is you offer and what you offer, a no-cost Google site might be the thing you’re seeking.

What is Google’s Free Tool for Building Web-based Websites?

Free Google Website
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 11

Free Google Website for creating free websites is known as Google Sites. Google Sites allows users to make simple, attractive websites with no programming skills required. It has an intuitive interface that includes a variety of templates as well as themes and options to alter the appearance and style of your site.

It is easy to integrate additional Google services, including Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Calendar, into your website too. It’s part the Google Workspace platform that helps small businesses simplify their work.

Even though there’s no charge or cost, the Google websites look professional and come with a range of themes that are modern.

Why should you build a website using Free Google Website tool

Google’s website builder is ideal to everyone, even novices. There’s no need to have technical expertise when you build a free Google website, and there’s no need to worry about backups that are extensive.

Additional benefits to a free Google website include:

  • There is no need to depend on social media platforms:Not every potential client is active on social media and a lot of them may not be using the platforms you enjoy the most. Owning a web page of your own that allows people to Google your name, or the products you sell and get your details without logging on to Facebook or Twitter could attract those potential clients.
  • User-friendly:One of the main advantages of a free Google website is its ease of use and stunning websites. For instance even WordPress’s free versions of WordPress could be intimidating for those who are new to the site and includes menus pages, sub-menus, and so on.
  • It offers the basic features:If you’re not looking to get the full online shopping user experience, then the basic Google website is enough to reach out to more people.

One of four small businesses do not have websites. In contrast, 76 percent of people check out an online presence of a business prior to purchasing from them.

Without a website businesses are missing out on potential customers.

Websites help businesses appear more credible, especially in the case of a professional-looking website. Google website, for instance require very little time to set up and require only minimal maintenance, may appear as if you’ve invested hours as well as thousands of dollars create it appear professional.

If Google’s free site helps you get found Why not take advantage of its easy set-up and the no cost features?

Google Free website tool

One feature that sets Google’s commercial websites apart from other sites is the fact that it creates your site. You are able to alter the information in the way you want, but when you’ve got already created a Google Business Profile and select the option for a website it will automatically fill in the site’s information by using the template you select.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Google Business Profile’s free website has plenty to offer in terms of options.

It provides users with built-in optimization that allows customers are able to:

  • Contact us or send us a message
  • Place orders
  • get quotes for services
  • Book your services and arrange delivery

Furthermore, a cost-free Google website lets you “showcase the things that make your business distinctive” by using:

  • Images
  • stories
  • Posts

Other important features to mention are:

  • Integration of Google Maps and Calendar
  • Video and image carousels as well as video links
  • connection to Google Drive

Apart from that, Google gives you automatic updates, advertisements and mobile-friendly.

As you will see, a no-cost Google website can be a boon for the business owner who is just starting out however, how does it stack up against other websites?

Google’s website tool WordPress as well as Other Website Builders

Google’s Google website builder is superior to several other alternatives in terms of simplicity.

In addition, it lets you create websites with little effort from your part and that’s where Google’s software stands out from other similar tools. It lets you upload images in just a few clicks and also monitor metrics, so in all, it gives you all the necessary features.

Another advantage over the competition is that it doesn’t start from the ground up, and you’re not taking all of the decision-making on your own.

Although it may appear basic to certain people, Google gives you a well-designed, functional website and if you’re creative you can get amazing results.

To get ideas, check out the work Jurvis Technology has done with their website. The Google business site begins with the basics and gives readers the information they require without overloading them with information.

Free Google Website
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 12

Customers looking to buy can browse through the company’s offerings and services to discover the products they require. On the bottom of every page, you will find an intuitive navigation bar that contains hyperlinks to all the products and information about the company, and an attractive product section that is popular that makes it much easy to purchase.

How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 13

If a person clicked one of those blue links they’d be directed directly to the product or the information they’re seeking.


Although bloggers, Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses, use WordPress in order to create their websites It’s actually an actual CMS for managing content..

There are two choices to get started. offers a free version, whereas has a paid version.

For free the main distinction among Google WordPress and Google WordPress is the ability to make multiple pages on your website, whereas Google uses a single-page layout.

How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 14

Once you reach the level of paid, you can upgrade your features.

Although WordPress has more features as compared to Google websites, regardless of what level you select you must begin at the beginning. It is not auto-populated. However, there are many tutorials on the internet if you’re getting started, and you don’t have to code anything.


Wix is yet another free website builder, but it also provides the premium and e-commerce options as well. The process to start is easy. Simply sign up or log on with Facebook or Google to start.The image alt=”Wix web site creator tool.

How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 15

As with WordPress The free version is a bit limited in terms of capabilities. If you’re willing for it, however, you’ll have the ability to get access to hundreds of template options, other kinds of analytics, and much more.

Wix offers 500 templates and its drag-and-drop function allows beginners to make use of it without requiring any technical knowledge.

Other options include:

  • galleries of media
  • mobile optimization
  • Unlimited fonts
  • A custom SEO strategy

Wix also comes with codes to track visitors and its analysis tool displays your traffic, sales, and visitor behaviour.


How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 16

Squarespace is a renowned website tool, renowned for its attractive as well as professional looking templates. Although it does not offer an entirely free plan, Squarespace does provide a 14-day trial free of charge for users to test the options before committing to an annual subscription.

The process is simple. You just need to create an account with your email address or sign in using either your Google and Facebook account.

The paid plans of Squarespace unlock many options that make it a great option for small-scale entrepreneurs, bloggers, or creative professionals. The platform is easy to use and its user-friendly interface lets even novices to design beautiful websites with no effort.

Squarespace’s key features Squarespace are:

  • a wide range of stylish and fluid templates
  • Drag-and-drop function to allow for seamless customization
  • integrated marketing and e-commerce tools
  • Mobile optimization to provide an effortless browsing experience on any device
  • SEO tools built-in to your website that can improve the search engine rankings of your site.

Squarespace also provides comprehensive analytics that lets users get insights into the behavior of visitors as well as traffic patterns and overall performance of the website. This information will help you make educated decisions about how to improve the performance of your site and increase your presence online.


How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 17

Weebly is another tool that can be used to create your own website. It offers both paid and free plans, catering to people small and medium-sized companies, as well as E-commerce businesses.

The free plan offers basic functionality, and the upgrade to a premium plan gives you additional tools, features and resources that can help you maximize the functionality of your site.

Weebly’s platform is built for simplicity, which makes it a great option for those who are new to the web and have no prior experience with web design. The drag-and-drop editor lets you do simple modification, giving you complete the control over your website’s design and appearance.


How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps
How to Make a Free Google Website in 10 Easy Steps 18

GoDaddy is known primarily as hosting and domain registration provider, also provides an intuitive web-based tool. While there’s not a totally free service, GoDaddy does provide a one-month trial for free to test the tools before you commit to paying for a subscription. To do this, you’ll be required to create an account.

GoDaddy’s builder was built with ease in mind, which makes it a perfect option for people who want to design a professional site with no technical knowledge. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that lets users easily alter the appearance of their site and layout.

How to Create and customize Your Google Website Free Google Website

Making and modifying a website with Google Sites is a straightforward procedure. These easy steps on how to build a site free of charge on Google include all aspects of design, from personalization to style.

1. Access to Google Sites

To begin customizing your free Google website, visit and sign up with the details of your Google account. If you do not have an existing Google account it is possible to create one at no cost by following directions on screen.

2. Create a New Website

After you have signed in, click”Create” after you have signed in “Create” link to begin creating your site. You can select an unfinished template to allow to make your site as customizable as you want or choose one of the themes available to begin your project quick.

3. Name Your Website

In the upper left corner, select “Untitled Website” for you to assign your site an distinctive name. The name will not just serve as your site’s name but also becomes an integral part of your site’s URL.

4. Make Your Header Customized

You can click on the header section to customize it according to your personal preferences. You can upload your own image, select the color of your background or change the header’s type (banner or only title). In addition, you can add a tagline or title to your header in order to clearly convey the purpose of your site to your visitors.

5. Add Sections and Pages

To add a new webpage to your website, simply click your “Pages” tab located on the right-hand side the screen, then select on the “+” icon. Pages can be created as standard or announcement pages as well as pages for file cabinets to fit your requirements. To further organize your pages it is possible to create sections inside a page by pressing”+” or the “+” button in the bottom of the right-hand corner and selecting the kind of page you’d like include (text videos, images, text, etc. ).

6. Edit Page Content

Select the section you would like to edit, and use the tools available to edit or add texts, images, videos as well as other elements. It is also possible to drag sections around and change elements on your site so that your most crucial information gets prominently displayed and easily accessible for viewers.

7. Modify the appearance of the site.

Customize your website’s appearance and experience by clicking your “Themes” tab located on the right-hand side of your screen. You can modify your site’s themes color, fonts, and colors to reflect your brand’s or your personal style. In addition, you can alter the layout of your site and navigation settings to provide a an easy-to-use browsing experience.

8. Integrate Google Services

Improve the functionality of your website by Integrating Google services such as Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Calendar. To include these features simply select on the “+” button on the bottom right of the screen and choose which service you want to integrate in the “Embed” option. Integration of Google services can streamline your web presence and offer additional value to visitors.

9. View Your Site Preview

Before making your website available for public display it is important to test the way it appears on various devices. Use on the “Preview” option (eyeglasses icon) in the upper right-hand corner to see the way your website will appear on tablet, desktop and mobile devices. This ensures that your website’s design is attractive and functional on a variety of sizes of screens.

10. Create Your Website

When you’re happy with the changes you made and hit after which click the “Publish” button located in the top right of the page to put your website live. You can pick a customized domain, if you already have one or go with that standard URL. Be sure to keep your website’s content current and make any required adjustments to ensure that your site remains relevant and interesting to the people who visit your site.

How Do I Create my Free Google Website Profitable?

The process of creating a successful website is more than making it look better. There are a variety of important aspects to think about when creating and maintaining a site that is truly appealing to your intended audience. Let’s discuss the most important aspects that will create a free Google site successful.

Make Your Focus On Your Audience of Choice

Knowing your intended audience is vital to designing an effective website that meets their interests and needs. Think about who your ideal customer is, and customize your design, content, and the overall user experience to meet the preferences of your visitors. Be sure to provide relevant advice or solutions that address the specific issues or questions.

Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

Today, a large portion of traffic to websites comes from phones and other mobiles So it’s crucial that your site’s design works well on smartphones and tablets. Google Sites Templates are mobile-friendly. But always check your site’s preview on a variety of devices to ensure it’s attractive and simple to navigate on smaller screens.

Maintain Your Content Current and Attractive

The regular updating of your web site’s content with current relevant informationis crucial to keep your visitors engaged and promoting returning visits. Make sure that your written content is informative, well-written and appealing to your intended audience. If you can, include multimedia elements such as videos, images, or information graphics to help make the content visually appealing and easy to digest.

Optimized to optimize SEO

search engine optimization (SEO) aids in increasing your website’s ranking through search engines such as Google. By optimizing your website’s content and meta descriptions and URLs, you increase the chances of appearing more prominently in results, and also attracting greater organic visitors. Google Sites has built-in SEO tools, but you may additionally explore other tools to improve your website’s SEO performance.

Promote Your Site

Let people know about your site through a variety of channels, including the social networks, emails marketing as well as online communities. Make sure to share your website’s content with your family and friends as well as related online groups to grow your online presence and build a solid online presence. Be sure to engage your readers in response to feedback, comments as well as feedback, questions, and comments to create a sense community surrounding your website.

Analyze and adapt

Keep track of Your web site’s effectiveness by using analytical software to gain insight into the behavior of visitors, sources of traffic, and the most popular content. Make use of this information to determine areas to improve and make decision-based decisions based on data to improve your website’s content, design and user experience. Monitoring your analytics regularly can help you remain agile and keep up with the constantly changing web-based landscape.

FAQ for Make a Free Google Website

What’s the main benefit of a free Google Website?

In contrast to other competitors in that you’re not beginning from the ground up, and you’re not making the final decisions on your own. While it might seem simple to certain people users, Google’s Google site is well-designed, functional website and with a little imagination, you’ll be able to achieve amazing results.

How do I Set-Up an Google Business Profile Page?

Google offers step-by-step instructions.

Do I require technical Know-how to Create a Free Google Website?

The answer is no, a free Google website can create a professional website with no involvement from you.

How does a free Google Website Compare With Its competitors?

While other alternatives provide additional options, Google outshines its competitors with regards to the simplicity and user-friendliness.


A strong web presence is vital nowadays. If potential customers aren’t able to locate your website and you’re not able to reach them, you’re probably missing your chance to win customers.

But, creating websites doesn’t require lots of money or having technical knowledge. It is possible to start by establishing a free Google website, and then build it in the simplest of steps.

Once you’re up and running, you are able to start gaining leads, customers, and higher conversion rates – all the things you need to improve the rate of success for your business and create a flourishing company.

What has the experience of using a no-cost Google Business website affected your company?

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